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LockerJock: Josh Jackman


Super sexy muscle guy Josh is a born performer. Dressed in tight lycra and short shorts, he’s showing off the whole package here. It doesn’t take long until he’s tenting out those shorts and needs to release not-so-little Josh. Cock pointing sky high he wanks slowly and determined, giving that sexy smouldering glare down his perfect body to his rigid dick. Though he wants something more, something to stick his cock into. Reaching into a nearby locker he grabs a translucent fleshjack to plunge his hard cock into, pumping away again and again, imagining he was fucking some hot muscle ass. Flipping it round he presses the device up against the lockers so he has something to push and fuck against, his lean, hard muscle fibres twitching and straining.


Boss II: Informant

We have a leak and he needs to be plugged! Inside man Josh Jackman is selling the company’s secrets to the highest, biggest and most well built bidder. In a secret urban location he’s asked Adam Navid to meet him to exchange the information for, well, something Adam is willing to sell. Adam asks what he wants in exchange and Josh responds with, “Just the usual payment.” Having obviously done this before, Adam knows the procedure. They head down a back alley to a dark, underground space and make the final end of the trade. Coats and suit jackets hit the floor in a passionate and hard embrace. Ties are yanked and lips lock as they both get a good feel of the goods on offer with mutual crotch gropes. More clothes come off revealing the ripped bodies beneath the sharp exterior. Josh gets on his knees to service Adam, taking his fat cock in his mouth and slurping him down, getting him harder for the fine arse he’s about to offer him. This is a hard and riotous fuck, at least 6 positions with bottom boy Josh being ragged all over the space and loving every second of it!

LockerJock: Alexis Belfort

Sexy and cute is a combination that doesn’t come around too often. Alexis Belfort is one of those rarities. This gorgeous exhibitionist can’t wait to get in the locker room, strip off and bash one out for the cameras. Whipping his vest off, playing with his sexy pierced nipples, cheekily grabbing his crotch and playing with his dick through his shorts, you can just tell this is going to be a tonne of fun! Throw some baby oil into the mix and you’ve got yourself a hot, horny locker jock with a stunning, unique and exclusive HotJock.

Lured: Temptation

When an anonymous message comes to a dating or cruising app, they’re very easy to ignore, find out more or just act on them. In the case of Sam Bishop he was already in the mood for some fun and decided to go for it. Not knowing who he would meet or what would happen is just part of the thrill. He walks up to an abandoned, crumbling, old industrial building, with no idea what or who lays inside. The place appears to be empty but then Alexx Desley appears around a corner. Instantly there is an attraction, a rush of sexual energy. They square up to each other, they’re either going to lay into each other or erupt into a passionate kiss; it’s the latter. They tear each others clothes off, thrown into the broken glass, crumbling paintwork and dirty asbestos. Sam reaches into this mysterious strangers jock strap for a feel and it’s not long before he’s on his knees slurping on Alexx’s thick, pierced cock, getting harder by the second. They take tuns to nosh each other off, then use their surroundings as props to be fucked over, against and on. A really horny, risky, flip-flop session with two dirty and intense guys… But who brought them there?

LockerJock: Adam Nivad

Adam Nivad is one of our EXCLUSIVE jocks. We’re delighted to know you won’t find this stud anywhere else but here on UKHotJocks. Born and raised in Manchester, Adam is of half Pakistani and half Arabian decent. He’s full of Northern english charm, fun and filth and he’s absolutely gorgeous! A self-confessed aggressive top, Adam’s got a thick dark cock to back up his claim. Broad, muscular, and hairy in all the right places, he’s got deep, soulful eyes that will hypnotize you with his stunning looks. And that dark caramel skin will make you want to lick him from head to toe! We bet he’s a hell of a heartbraker…not to mention an arse smasher!