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Jock Inn: Hard Discipline

Manager Adam Nivad is well aware of Leo Domenico taking liberties with hotel guests at the Jock Inn as he jumps at any chance to take room service orders and get in their bedrooms.  Adam plans to inflict his own special kind of punishment, so Leo remembers not to cross him again.  He calls Leo into his office and confronts him point blank, telling him to get his dick out right there and then.  There’s some hesitation so Adam makes it clear that “if he’s going to fuck the guests, he’ll show him how it’s really done.”  Can’t argue with that logic.  Adam strips Leo out of his uniform and they explode into a passionate, rough and almost violent suck and fuck session.  Leo — usually top — takes every inch of Adam’s dark meat down his throat and up his hairy arse.  Yes, the man prefers to be the fucker and not the fuckee but he can’t say no to Adam’s dar sk eyes, hard muscle or thick cock.  This is an intensely passionate fucking fuck!

Jock Inn: Room Service

JP is in a state. It seems there’s yet another order for room service at the Jock Inn. Co-worker Leo Domenico explains it’s only cheese and a bag of crisps, then suggests JP go home and get some rest. Leo will take care of everything. It might be a small order but he delivers far more with Darius Ferdynand standing naked before him, offering up his mouth and ass. With Leo’s big, uncut cock buried down his throat, then up his ass, Darius soon ends up spit roasted and skewered once Diesel O’Green walks in. Between the two hung men, with some very fat dicks, smooth, handsome Darius is on the receiving end of as much dick and pounding as the other two can deliver. Then, with his ass up in the air, each hot man takes his turn, repeatedly using the willing, hungry hole for the pleasure of their cocks until they deliver some hefty tips consisting of thick, creamy cum. Which begs the question, who exactly is the one getting room service here?

Locker Jock Marco Sessions

Marco Sessions has earned himself a fairly obvious nickname in the porn circut: The Body. And if you have any doubts as to why, just take a look at him. A really good look. In fact, while you’re at it, take a look at just his ABS! This power bottom trains hard and has certainly become the envy of many gym bunnies. Tattooed, distinguished and ripped, Marco’s definitely an Alpha-jock, despite being a huge bottom and preferring to be the one that gets fucked. Here, in the locker room, Marco treats us well, taking us on a tour of that amazing body, jerking off with a unique toy up his ass; a toy that serves as both, butt plug AND cockring all rolled into one. So grab your lube and start stroking because you’re about to sink your teeth into a real treat!

Stiff Board Meating

You know what it’s like at work. You’ve got a ton to do but someone calls a board meeting and, before you know it, you’re sitting in a stuffy room, your mind wandering or thinking of all the things you could be getting done as you listen to sales projections and how things are looking up. And, although you might be bored stiff — as are Sam Barclay, Diesel O’Green, Leo Domenico and James Carter — we’d be willing to bet the one leading your group wasn’t as cute as Seth Knight! The tattooed American — half-jock, half-twink — is adorable as hell in his tight jeans, especially as he climbs onto the humongous conference table on all fours to see why his presentation isn’t playing. But the other guys in the room don’t need any presentations. They don’t need any charts. They already know things are looking WAY up! In fact, things are pretty stiff, hot, and throbbing as they stroke their cocks and Seth ends up skewered, spit-roasted, tag teamed and plugged as if he were on a Lazy Susan. With all these hot men in the room, with all the big dick and hungry holes to be stuffed and stretched, there’s no reason why YOU’RE next meeting has to be boring. That is, not unless you like be in the middle of a 5-man stiff board member orgy. Now THIS is what the weekly occurrence should be like, instead.

Locker Jock Leo Domenico

Leo Domenico is a multi-faceted man. He hails from Cyprus but is now living in London. This is a good thing, especially for us Englishmen who like the taste of something exotic. The handsome, sexy Locker Jock is a fiery lover and, having seen his work, we knew we had to film him. He’s bursting with passion and desire and has the ability to make any man melt with his just one look. And then there’s that perfect body and mouth watering cock! But we won’t mention that. Ahem. Leo’s a great model and easy to work with. We enjoyed working with this enthusiastic top and wall-shakingly loud bottom and hope you get off on watching him. He whales on his fat, uncut cock, pounding away with his fist — as well as a Fleshjack — working himself up to one hell of a climax! He’s got an amazingly bright future ahead of him and, if you want to see more of Leo, all you have to do is ask.